About Mayastar Academy of Natural Healing

Rev. Dr. Anna May (The Universal Light)

Founder & Principal of Mayastar Academy of

Natural Healing & Spiritual Development

Registered Healer & Accredited Teacher

(International Natural Healers Association)

Registered Metaphysician & Accredited Teacher (World Metaphysical Association)

Ordained Minister & Doctor of Divinity in The Universal Light


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, New Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Ma'heo'o Reiki Master/Teacher, Lemurian Facilitator, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Ethereal Crystals Healing Master/Teacher, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Master/Teacher, Universal Rays Master/Teacher, Run Valdr Master/Teacher,

S.A.C. Dip (Crystal Healing Practitioner), S.A.C. Dip (N.L.P.), S.A.C. Dip (Hand Reflexology) S.A.C. Dip (Meditation), S.A.C. Dip (Colour Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Intra-Focal Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Integrated Therapeutic Counselling)



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Mayastar Academy
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Mayastar and Anna Louise May (Maya) Accreditation
Mayastar Academy is a professional academy of natural healing and spiritual development. All courses are accredited by the World Metaphysical Association; and as a registered member of the International Natural Healers Association, the quality of your tuition is assured.
On completion of any Mayastar Academy course, the successful student is automatically eligible to become a registered healer with the International Natural Healers Association should they wish. They may also become a registered metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association.




Mayastar Academy

of Natural Healing &

Spiritual Development



MD & Principal:

Rev. Dr. Anna Louise May DD


Contact: mayastar@mayastar.net

20 Woodstock Cres

Laindon West



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Last updated:

3rd March 2021


Student Count: 3117

Qualifications Awarded: 9377


updated SEPTEMBER 2020

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Advanced Qualifications | Diplomas, Degrees & Doctorates

EXCLUSIVE TO MAYASTAR: "The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork" is a 220-page eBook included with every course to provide a foundation in energy healing & spiritual development. This ensures Mayastar courses are suitable for beginners & those new to working with energy.

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Amara Omni Empowerment

Angel Light Initiations

Angel Lightworker Program

Archangelic Flames    

Ascended Masters Attunements

Ascension Reiki Course 1-10
Avalonian Alignment Programme
Avalonian Ascension Connections
Avalonian Spectral Activations

Celestial Encodings 1-9 Complete Package (Pleiadian Attunements)

Chakra Healing Attunements

Colours of Angels

Crystal Rose Attunement

Dolphin Heart Reiki

Elemental Pentagram & Magick Circle Empowerments   

Energy Anatomy Diploma (12 detailed assignments)

Ethereal Crystals Healing System

Eye of Horus Activation

Fairy LightWorker Program

Kundalini Reiki & Boosters  

Lemurian Facilitator & Seed Crystals 1-4            

Lemurian Indigo Connections

Ma'heo'o Reiki (Native American)

Magickal Crystal LightWorker

Magickal LightWorker Program

Magickal Shaman Lightworker

New Usui Reiki Energies

Orb of Life

Planets Attunement Package

Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme  

2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections 1-7      

Protection Healing Orb

Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique Attunement 

Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Rún Valdr - healing & magic with the ancient Norse Runes

Seven Facets Seichim

(Egyptian Reiki)                      

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Technique

Star of Avalon Ascension Connections Course   

Violet Flame of St Germain      

Weight Loss Reiki                 

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About Mayastar


Mayastar Academy of Natural Healing & Spiritual Development was founded in 2004 and since this time it has developed and grown as an internationally recognised centre of teaching.  With many new courses being added year on year, Mayastar is a dynamic and evolving academy and its many returning students continue to grow and develop alongside us!




About Mayastar courses & Mayastar's accreditation



Mayastar Academy is a professional academy of natural healing and spiritual development. All courses are accredited by the World Metaphysical Association; and as a registered member of the International Natural Healers Association, the quality of your tuition is assured.

On completion of any Mayastar Academy course, the successful student is automatically eligible to become a registered healer with the International Natural Healers Association should they wish.  They may also become a registered metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association.

Information on Mayastar courses and the current Mayastar syllabus may be viewed here...


In addition, the courses due for retirement soon can be found on the Archive Menu here...


From time to time the main syllabus is revised to make way for new courses and to ensure it remains manageable. However, the retired/archived courses are still available through the 'archive' list. Please note that although these are all courses that I am qualified to teach and attune you to, some of them I don't work with regularly on a personal level after they've been 'retired'.  This in no way affects the attunement as attunements are channelled through me to the student rather than being created/generated by my personal energy. 


I endeavour always to maintain myself as a good channel for these energies through my personal attentions to my spiritual development work, self healing, meditation, healthy diet and exercise habits and avoiding drugs/alcohol/sugar and so on.  I believe my dedication to this process since Mayastar's inception has enhanced my capacity to act as a powerful channel during attunement processes and healing sessions.


Details of my own credentials may be found towards the bottom right of the page; this is not a complete list of my achievements but some of those I feel are most salient to my qualification as a Spiritual Facilitator.

The ultimate purpose of Mayastar Academy is to enhance each student's life experience by facilitating their development spiritually so that they grow in confidence of their own abilities. In turn, it is hoped that through the skills they attain, they will in turn enhance the life experience of others - whether it be through healing, teaching, counselling or simply living as an example to inspire others!


Where does the name 'Mayastar' come from?




Many people have wondered where the name 'Mayastar' came from...and the name came about before I checked into the meanings it might have and here's what I found!...

Maya is the name of one of the stars that make up the Pleiades (or Seven Sisters) –  and many people and Pleiadian light beings feel a close affinity to those of Maya in particular :-)

Maya is also a name from Greek mythology; Maya (Maja or Maia) is a Greek goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Love and Life: The "Great Mother". The month of May was named after her.
Maya was also the mother of the god Hermes, who is the Greek god of intellect, inspiration, communication and acts as a messenger of the gods.  His symbol is the Caduceus - a winged staff entwined with two snakes that represent the dual creative forces. The Caduceus is a symbol of healing, peace and balance and is used nowadays as a symbol for homeopathic medicine.
Interestingly, Maya is also the name of a Hindu Goddess, an alternative name for the Goddess, Durga and the name of the mother of Buddha!  Maya, the Hindu Goddess wore a necklace comprised of the seven colours of the rainbow; her association with the rainbow is in her capacity to remove illusions and expose the truth – the colours representing these various layers of illusion that ultimately will be removed to reveal the inner mystery.  An apt and highly congruent stroke of synchronicity at work there too!




Maya is also my nickname; and I like to think of it in terms of it being a Russian/Eastern European of the name Mary, which means "Star of the Sea".  Under slightly different spellings, the name appears all over the world and has various meanings.  For example, "Maia" in Maori means "Brave Warrior"!



Is Mayastar a cult or religion?


I would like to emphasise something here: Mayastar is NOT a religion or a cult or anything like that. None of the courses taught are alternatives to religious belief or practice; they are simply spiritual development systems and healing techniques. In that way, they don't 'clash' with, or undermine any existing religious belief you may have.


To read about my (Maya) own personal spiritual beliefs, please follow this link...

Understanding the 'energy' of 'energy healing'


If you consider the basic premise that there is one Universe; most people think there's an intelligence behind it - and some call it 'God'.  Many experience 'him' in a personal way and relate deeply to 'him' in their day to day life.  Others take a pantheistic view and call this under-pinning force things like 'Universal Life Force' or 'The Power that Moves the Universe' and experience it as a neutral and impersonal energy.  But essentially, the common denominator is the mutual experience of a Universal power that permeates all of creation.  For those with a pantheistic view, this power source is seen as the 'be all and end all', while others (myself included) see the Universal power that permeates all of creation as an expression of the 'be all and end all' (and the 'be all and end all' would be defined as an intelligent, personal, creator God whose nature is love and abundance)...and we are all part of that creation; united either by the 'impersonal/neutral' Source or the 'personal/good' God depending on our religious beliefs.


This power that permeates all of creation (seen and unseen) is the energy we work with in vibrational medicine and energy healing.  Each system works with a different 'facet' or unique vibration that forms part of that complete Universal Energy Spectrum. So we're not dealing with anything dodgy or dangerous here; it's simply facets of life force energy that's expressed throughout creation that we can be attuned to; the energy that everything in existence is made from; and that's what makes it feel so natural to work with :-)  In relation to this, you may be interested to read an article included on the site: THE SOURCE & THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE




So, as you can see, whatever your person belief system tells you about the nature of the Universe, the energy that we use and work with through attunements has its place.  And it is my belief and experience that working with these natural, high frequency energies will enhance your personal spiritual experiences.




The Purpose of Mayastar:  Spiritual Empowerment of the Individual!





Mayastar supports the spiritual development of each individual and believes that you have a right to access your potential in this way.  Traditionally, some organised 'spiritual' traditions have in fact ended in the oppression of the individual and the suppression of unique spiritual experiences. It is my personal belief that on a soul-level, there is a perfection and completeness inherent in every person that we rarely, if ever experience in life.  Physical incarnation has its restrictions!  But ensuring we invest time and effort in our spiritual life can help us to gain perspective and become more ourselves.  The Universe (God) is always pointing us towards this; the more true to ourselves we are, the closer we feel to the Universe (God).




So you won't find an alternative to religion here at Mayastar; but you will find courses and techniques that can enhance your personal experience and to express your spirituality in new ways.




I think we often spend a lot of time trying to ‘see the good’ in others but neglect to see the good in ourselves.  But until we know what ‘good’ looks like, how can we recognize it in another?  The Mayastar philosophy emphasizes empowerment of the individual through recognition of the potential that every individual carries within them as part of the expression of an essentially 'good' creator-force.  Don't confuse this with egoism or pride however; consider the nature of the Universe/God and realise that this nature is reflected in you inevitably; and the more you feel and understand it - the more you EXPRESS the truth you find within yourself, the closer you 'match' with the Universe and the more fulfilling you will find every aspect of your life.  Let all your spiritual work be in mind of attuning to the nature of 'God' however you define him/her/it...if all your actions are motivated by this simple idea, you will inevitably find a deeper sense of joy, peace, hope and love in your life.
So if there's one thing you do today - just try to be true to yourself a little bit more! Recognise the nature of the creative force of the Universe within you and allow yourself to take conscious steps to 'match up' with it.  Then do it again tomorrow...and so on.  You can't lose! 

I hope that through their work with Mayastar, my students will take a step closer to recognizing and expressing that inner ‘grace’ and realizing their potential.  And that in turn, through the joy and peace they ‘find’ (more accurately, 'release'!) within, it is my hope that they will inspire others simply by living in a state of ‘congruence’; a state of harmony with 'The Power That Moves The Universe' so that truth of the inner spirit is freely expressed and manifested in day to day life.




Is Mayastar a business?




Mayastar has to be registered as a business in accordance with Inland Revenue regulations.  And to enable me to dedicate all my time to this work I do have to be able to pay the bills of course!  But it is not a venture into 'commercialism'; rather it is a vocation and fulfilment of my role as a Spiritual Facilitator; a role that I take very seriously.




It is very rewarding work and I love what I do; I put my heart and soul into it!  In addition, in the course of assisting others to achieve their goals through Mayastar, I have learnt a great deal and my own spiritual life has been miraculously enhanced by it!




I see my work with each individual student as a 'partnership'; we work together; and the work is mutually beneficial too!  I am grateful to God for affording me the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively and comprehensively pass these attunements onto others; and grateful to every student for the opportunity to express my own 'truth' too!  And I think the philosophy behind Mayastar may inspire people and act as a catalyst in propelling them into a more fulfilling future too.





You can read more about my qualifications, experience and credentials here X












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