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With the exception of the Energy Anatomy Diploma, all Mayastar courses are 'attunement based'.  This article explains what an attunement is, how it works, and how you know an attunement is a 'safe' way to pass on energy to others.


All attunement courses confer the ability to pass attunement on to others and you will receive certification confirming your ability to do this after your attunement.


For those with experience in energy work, it can sometimes be possible to send to attunements as 'multi-level'; but this depends on the particular modality as well as the individual.  If you would like to know if this is viable for a particular course, please email me


All about energy attunements


An attunement is an energy empowerment/initiation (sometimes called an 'energy lesson') that is passed from someone who has already been attuned to that energy frequency to another person so that they may 'learn' that vibration, connect with it and channel it in future by aligning with it through various methods including mantra, symbols and intention.


Depending on the system that the attunement is for, the attunement may simply be to initiate a subtle change to the vibration of the energy field of the recipient in order that they resonate more strongly with that energy in the future and as detailed above, act as a conduit for it in future. When we are connected to these various vibrations, we can use them for healing work, during meditation and for spiritual development depending on the modality and the means of accessing and using the energy.


Other attunements involve symbols being imprinted into the energy field of the recipient – but the effect is similar – a symbol resonates at a particular frequency and allows for a particular facet of Universal Energy to be tapped into by the attunee.


Those attunements that involve the imprinting of symbols in the energy field open those new frequencies to the attunee – but they are not fully activated until the attunee works with those symbols. For example, a number of symbols are imprinted into the energy field during a Traditional Usui Reiki Level I attunement – however, they are not fully activated until the attunee begins to work with those symbols consciously in levels II and III.


During an attunement, the facilitator/Master acts as a conductor to channel the relevant energy to the recipient.  The spiritual guides and higher self of the recipient are requested to oversee the process and all attunements are sent in the spirit of Universal Love; that is, in accordance with the universal law of free-will and for the good of all.  Empowerment conferred during an attunement in this spirit cannot be abused or used to cause harm.  Nor can it be 'forced' in advertently which could cause problems with assimilation and grounding were too much energy 'pushed' to a student.  The higher self acts as a moderator in this capacity. 


An attunement to a particular system lasts a lifetime; there is no need to be re-attuned on a regular basis. However, your connection to the energy can falter and diminish if you do not work with those frequencies you are attuned to on a regular basis. In this instance, re-attunement can give you a 'kick start', but just beginning to work with those energies again will soon strengthen the flow and your natural resonance.



How does a distant attunement work?


The short answer is: exactly the same way an in-person attunement works!


Distant attunements are not part of Usui's, Hayashi's or Takata's teaching but are a successful and powerful means of sending attunements. In Reiki (for example) distant attunements are a non-traditional technique but are a logical extension of distance healing and application of the Distance symbol.


Some people are quite sceptical about the process and I think if I hadn't experienced the sending and receiving of attunements and healing distantly I would be very sceptical myself!  In fact, my experience has been that there is no difference in the energy at all - if anything, the experience of the recipient receiving distance healing/attunement tends to be more intense. I put this down to the fact that they are probably more relaxed in their home environment and not having to meet with a relative stranger for what is an intensely personal experience and better if you are able to relax.


My own experience of in-person attunement was similar to that of many; meeting a stranger for the first time who provides you with some photocopied diagrams, tells you a bit about Reiki and then gives you an attunement. It is a strange experience and not very relaxing. Some people receive in-person attunements in a group setting at seminars – I imagine this is even less relaxing!


'In-person' attunements just don't suit some people; most people are more able to relax and meditate at home and on their own than they are in a room full of people or in front of another person. Some people are restricted in travel or by commitments to family, work and so on. Another consideration is the price! Most of those who offer in-person attunements charge £100+ (sometimes up to £400 or more for the Reiki Master level). All in all, there is a lot to be said for distance attunements – and with Mayastar you are assured of receiving detailed and comprehensive materials to support your chosen course as well as support for as long as you need it. I am only ever an email away! :-)


Metaphysically speaking, the reason distance energy healing/attunement is possible is because of the nature of the energy used.  The energy employed in modalities such as Ama Deus, Reiki and Violet Flame is Universal.  It is the Universal Life Force Energy (which may also be called 'God', 'Divine Light' or 'Universal Love' depending on your belief system) and it is eternal and infinite; it cannot be depleted, it underlies all of creation and is not subject to the rules of time and space as lower vibrational energy frequencies (such as visible light) are. When it comes to working with these wonderful energies, there are no limits! It's even possible to send healing back in time to work to heal areas that have left a Karmic imbalance in the present!


Another excellent possibility with distance attunements is for them to be prepared using a programmed 'orb of life' or 'chi ball' that the recipient can call in at their convenience! With Mayastar's courses internationally accredited, I am able to teach students all over the world, and to be able to set up an attunement in advance using this method, that they may call in at their convenience means there are no problems when it comes to time zone differences either!


This method assures flexibility on both sides and allows me to maintain accessible prices for my courses too.


Using this method, an Orb of energy is created by me; it is then 'attuned'.  By this I mean I channel the energy of the attunement and perform the attunement as if using the Orb as a proxy.  The Orb can be programmed with all of the details it needs to ensure it remains in a situation where the energy is maintained and doesn't become depleted over time if the attunement is called in later.


The attunement energy is preserved until the time the student (following the instructions provided in the Book of Inspiration Part I) calls in the attunement; this activates the attunement but the process is overseen by the higher self to ensure the energy unfolds at the appropriate rate for the individual.


This is an important part of my work and I allocate twice daily to setting up attunements. 


Once an attunement is ready, you will be emailed with confirmation that you can call the attunement in and also with your certificate.  Your certificate with have details of your 'lineage': A tradition with energy healing modalities dating back to Dr. Usui is that a record of the teachers who have passed down the line from the originator of the modality are detailed for you.


One of the most important things with attunements is that to fully receive the new vibration on all levels it has to be grounded.  Information on how to do this is of course supplied and it's a simple process.  But it is also important to work with the energy after attunement.  With some systems attunements are more akin to empowerments to a particular angel or 'use' these kind of energies I recommend you spend time in meditation after the attunement, sensing the energy and making sure you allow yourself to fully accept and assimilate the new vibrations.


The assimilation part of receiving attunements varies with different modalities - some have more complex or intense attunements than others and may take several days to full 'ground' them.  But regularly using the energy and grounding yourself afterwards ensures this takes place and you will get the most out of your attunement experience.


Another concern people have is that they may not experience much during an is true that the vast majority do...but there are many reasons that can prevent you tuning into subtle energies.  First of all, being a beginner may mean you find it harder to suspend your focus and are concentrating on 'looking for a result'; this engagement of the conscious mind often means the process seems very subtle!  Some people fall asleep - this is not unusual and nothing at all to worry about; sometimes it is a natural way for the body to fully receive the attunement and the sleep is often very healing.  It is usually markedly different from normal sleep in that it is dreamless, short and you wake up feeling like you've had a good 8 hours!


Some people may experience less intense attunements if they are physically tired or run down; at certain times of the menstrual cycle; if they are under any stress; after a heavy meal; if they have consumed sugar, alcohol, meat or caffeine...but with all these things, they affect people differently and some people find they can tolerate caffeine but others can't...and often as you progress in energy work and your natural subtle senses increase you will find you may be more sensitive to the effects of these things and decide to change them.  I certainly did myself and it wasn't a change I expected to make and it wasn't a difficult choice or anything like that either - it was a natural progression that I seemed to naturally move towards more healthy habits over a period of time.


So the main thing is, don't expect anything of the attunement...common experiences are feelings of warmth or tingling; pressure around the crown area; seeing colours and sometimes even hearing strange resonant tones.  But what you experience not only depends on your situation generally, but your state at that very particular time and also, what natural abilities you may have.  When it comes to intuition, some people feel physical sensations of energy; others hear them; others see them as colours; some just sense them.  Whatever your natural strength intuitively it usually follows the sense that is prevalent physically - are you a sensual person and liable to feel the sensations of energy physically...or a visual person who learns best and responds to physical stimulus?  These may give you clues as to the areas you will be strongest in.  Be open to these things...but don't become preoccupied with them!  If you continue with energy work over time you will naturally develop these skills through regular practice.  The Energy Anatomy Diploma course is also very helpful in learning this through meditative work and learning to scan auras - an invaluable technique.  And knowing how the energy body all fits together and works can often help you make sense of sensations and the associations they may imply too.  So if you would like to accelerate your development in this sense the Energy Anatomy Diploma would be very helpful to you.


I hope this article has helped you understand more of attunements and how they well as what to expect from your Mayastar course! X



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